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Robot Makers start here!!!  After school Makeshops are held on site and can be brought to your After School Enrichment programs as well.  We have developed programs for K thru 8.  Just call us or email us and we can make arrangements!

C3PJOE Makeshop (Level 1). 

This Makeshop is highly recommended for all Beginner and rookie humans, 6 years or older, who want to get their feet wet with the world of robotics.  Here we will apply learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.   Participants will get hands on experience with the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 curriculum, LabView programming, and in building 1 BOT to take home as a trophy!  The first day is a 2 hour session anytime between 4p -7p to include build time. Students can come in 1 to 3 days a week for 1 hour to 2 hours each day until the 8 hour requirement is met.  This course is the first prerequisite to becoming a member of our roBOTics club.  Please visit us at the BOT Spot to Register or call 847-972-1186 with any questions!!

Recommended Age:  6 to 99

Flexible Start Date :  Please call to see which day works best and for availability. 

Total Hours til complete:  8

Days available to attend:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 4p-7p

                                         Saturday - (12p - 4p).

WOOK E-1 Makeshop: (pre-req = C3PJoe skills)

Are you a rookie that is bit more advanced than our Beginner C3PJOE Makeshop?  Come in and show us what you know and we may place you in our Wook E-1 Makeshop.  Participants will have an experience Beyond Basics with the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 curriculum(LabView),  and will be  building 4 BOTs to take home as operational trophies!  The first day is a 2 hour session between 4p -7p to include build time.  Students can come in 1 to 3 days a week for 1 hour to 2 hours each day until the 16 hour requirement is met(must complete within 4 months). Please visit us at the BOT Spot to Register or call 847-972-1186 with any questions!!  The available days and times are currently the same as above.

Yo Da Man/ Yo Da Woman:  (pre-req = Wook E-1)

The 3rd level will continue to build on the skills earned from completing the Wook E-1 Makeshop.  An additional 4 BOTs to take home come with this package as you continue to develop ROBOTIC engineering, programming, design, and development skills. Competitive BOTs, 3D technology, & Network communications, Video Game Design, Minecraft Engineering, and Arduino are just a few of the  important foundations which will be explored in this MakeShop!

Duke Landwalker / Princess LeiGo!

The 4th level continues to build on the skills learned in the YouDa workshops. Choose your favorite path from above, or choose them all and continue to level up your skills.   Learn and compete with robotics internally and externally

And Many more levels to go...We highly recommend and encourage the lifestyle of robotics engineering, learning something new everyday, and shaping our future one day at a time!  We have many members who have been a part of our growth since day 1 and have seen only wonderful results in their own personal, educational, and professional lives!  We look forward to including you and your family in our quest to making our world the best one ever through our method of learning Robotics Engineering and Coding year after year.​

New Robot Makeshops Starting Weekly!!!

Build on today, Better Our tomorrow...and Bite of thyme

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