​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our Tech Summer Camps are BACK!!!

       Half Day & Full Day Camps

     Space is limited...Register SOON! 


"Build On Today...

Better Our Tomorrow" 

STARTING May 31, 2022!!!!


4 - half day camps

Less than $18 /hour of Code, Robotics, and eSports Gaming!

Our camps are for ages 7 to 17!  
830a.m. - 12p.m.

1230p.m. to 330p.m.
on all of the dates to the RIGHT. 
Choose between our :  
4 day week (Tuesday thru Friday)   
 or Our 
"2  for  2"  

(choose any 2 days, Tue. - Fri. for 2 consecutive weeks)
 for our
ROBOT Basics thru Beyond Summer Makeshop Camps!!!

Snack and drinks allowed(no peanuts please)

1 Free T-shirt!

Learn Our Basics, or if you have taken a "Makeshop" before, continue to learn more and MOVE up level by level!!

Coding, mechanical and software engineering, multiple programming languages, S.T.E.A.M., Drones, Battle iSumo Bots, Robot C, GAMING, Web and Game design, 3D design and Print... and more!!!!

Mentor Target Ratio  4:1!

NEED A CUSTOM SCHEDULE?  Give us a ring and we may be able to make it work for you!  

2022 Cost per child:  Please Call for current Costs - 12 hours (4 - 3 hour days)

  • $25 off granted to additional family members* i.e. $239.99 for the first family member, $214.99 for each additional member)


  • $25 off full cost per additional summer week you register for!*(only $214.99 for each additional week)

Experience the following and more - 

ROBOTIS™ | LEGO Mindstorms ™| Robot C ™| Minecraft™ | ROBLOX™ | 4M Robots™ | 3D Printing and Design | 3D Scanning | Drones!!!! | Game Design | Coding | Robot Battles...and more!!!

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Makeshops

Take it to the NEXT Level!!!

​​​​​Please click the button above to complete the registration online Please click here to download the Registration form if you prefer to complete, sign and scan or take a clear picture of the completed document then send it to mybotspot1@gmail.com.  We will call you soon after we receive it and we may  process payment over the phone.  Any Questions?  Feel free to call 847-972-1186 or email us!

Thinking of a better day and time that works better for your family?  Feel free to email us at: mybotspot1@gmail.com with your request and we will make every attempt to make a customized schedule for YOU!

Available Dates to attend our Makeshops!  Please Call to confirm date availability.

5.31.22 - 6.3.22

6.7.22   - 6.10.22

6.14.22 - 6.17.22

6.21.22 - 6.24.22

6.28.22 - 7.1.22

7.5.22 - 7.8.22

7.12.22  - 7.15.22

7.19.22  - 7.22.22

7.26.22  - 7.29.22

8.2.22 - 8.5.22

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