Hours of Operation Robotics Workshops!!

 Tues. Wed. Thurs.         4:00p -6:00p & 5:00p - 7p                            

​ Saturday                      12p - 4:00p

 Hours of Operation eSports Gaming Lounge!!

 Monday                          Closed

 Tuesday                         4p - 9p

 Wednesday                    4p - 9p

 Thursday                       4p - 9p
 Friday                            4p -10p
​ Saturday                        12p -10p
 Sunday                           CLOSED 

 Additional Hours of Operation available for parties and private functions,   appointments.  If you are not present by 8:00pm we may not open the doors to    you!   Please call or email for details.


8058 N. Milwaukee Ave.   Niles, IL 60714  

Phone:  847-972-1186

email:  mybotspot1@gmail.com

Located just outside of Chicago, close to Skin C'elle Rejuve and the Oak Mill Bakery.

Additional Parking available in back.

Look for the ROBOTS sign!!

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we will be closed June 30 - July 8th

*Happy 4th of July*