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Build on today, Better Our tomorrow  

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Open Play eSports Center specials

$5 - 1 hour

$10 - 3 hours

$25 - 8 hours

Please call in to ensure spots are open or for private parties!

Partners AND Sponsors:

Boy Scouts Robotics Merit Badge Chicago, IL

Now that's a nice price for a more than decent gaming chair!!

The kids love these!!

HyperX especially!

What's our "pretty decent" PC setup recommendations?:

Decent Gamer Build, Keyboard and Mouse

More RAM is always better to us!  Match your 8gb stick or we think these G.Skills Ripjaws sets suffice!

GGCHAMPIONS Chicago Niles Illinois

​​​​​​"Build On Today...

Better OuR Tomorrow" 

Afternoon and Saturday Robotics


Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Makeshops

Take it to the NEXT Level!!!​

Call or come on in to customize your schedule!!

4p-7p  |  Tuesdays thru Fridays

12p - 4p  Saturdays

1st timers special:   Only $175 for the first 8 days (1hr of Robotics + 1hr of Free Play time)

1 day, 4 day, 8 day, and monthly registration options.

We run AMD RX580s and this is our future, future


 Backlit. Mechanical. Simple.


Cool down that i5 at the very least!!

​ROBOT MAKESHOPS | eSports Gaming

Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge Counselor!!!  Robotics,Programming, Digital Technology

What we have been running 

After School and Saturdays "Makeshops"

ROBOTS | Engineering | Coding | Drones | 3D Design |

 Teamwork |  Game Design  |  Battles


Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and NOW FRIDAYS!!!  

"The hardest part of our program is getting your child to leave!"

FORTNITE Super League Weekend Showdown information



 No graphics = Cheaper?!  cool!!

Put your OS and games on an SSD...or get a snack between loading times... M.2 port = awesome!


SMALL Business of the Year Award!!!! 

  Clickhere for the location of the next events!!

Had these Havits for 4 years!  Check out your click count rating too when choosing your mouse.

Unleash Your Imagination

​w/ LEGO® Mindstorms EV3, ROBOTIS® S.T.E.M.,  Tetrix®, Modern Robotics®,  3D Design | Print, Minecraft® | Roblox®| fortnite® , and more!!!​

​Applied:        Science



​                      Math

                      TEAM CONCEPTS                                Fun !!!!!!