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Build on today, Better Our tomorrow  

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Want to learn how to build your own gaming/homework PC but worried about the support, the cost, or even the need to satisfy immediate use while learning? Down below are our recommended pre-built PCs and optional upgrades that require you to tear the pc apart and put it back!!  Oh and Yes, we do train how and why to install the upgrades as well as building one from scratch - so you can perform more "future proofing" on your own and save money down the road.  Thanks for your support and we respectfully request using our links to purchase these items so we can continue to provide outstanding service to our community - Earth!!! 

Keep "Building.ON.Today...Better.Our.Tomorrow"  

(This info is based on our personal and our gamers/engineers/designers(ages 8-18)  experience and opinions after using our PCs in our LAN center. There is definitely a slightly less expensive route, but there is also definitely a much more expensive route..This similar setup worked well for us for over a year now.! Although this will build you a similar PC to ours, we are not sure how it will fair against our LAN Center experience on site! ;) ) 


More RAM is always better to us!  Match your 8gb stick or we think these G.Skills Ripjaws sets suffice!



 No graphics = Cheaper?!  cool!!

What we have been running 


 Backlit. Mechanical. Simple.


Had these Havits for 4 years!  Check out your click count rating too when choosing your mouse.

Decent Gamer Build, Keyboard and Mouse

The kids love these!!

HyperX especially!

Put your OS and games on an SSD...or get a snack between loading times... M.2 port = awesome!


We run AMD RX580s and this is our future, future

Now that's a nice price for a more than decent gaming chair!!

Cool down that i5 at the very least!!