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Engineer, Code, and Battle with our iSUMO Robots!

Team up or engineer your own Battle Ready Robot(10 robots max.) with LEGO EV3 technology and 1v1 to 1v5 Battles in our Battle Rings.  Who can engineer the strongest robot and stay King of the Hill the longest?!

BOTS Birthday Package:  recommended for ages 7+.

Cost for up to 10 participants:   Only  $299.99 WITH 10 robot hand prizes

                                                                $249.99 WITHOUT robot hand prizes

21+ BYOB - "Build Your Own BOT" | "Bring Your Own Beverages" -the Adult iSUMO version is also available for only $50 per couple or $25 each individual.  4 participant minimum.  Please schedule 48 hours in advance.  Sponsored by BIGBYs Pour House, get 1 free drink chosen by the BIGBYs owner himself.


Cost is for up to 10 participants, ($20 each additional), maximum of 30 participants.


iSUMO BOT building for the entire 2 hours if desired, Mentors &  judges provided for competitions, and every participant goes home with a prize!!!

Open Play LEGO Building and Gamerz zone room open after first hour of competitions (if time permits and determined by party celebrant ;).

Private Party - 2 hours - aproximately 1.5 hours of play | 30 minutes of food and cake time.
Please schedule at least 1.5 weeks ahead.  50% Down payment required to  guarantee BOT Spot availability.
Bring your own food, drinks, and cakes and birthday decorations!!