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FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY $15 Specials! (December and January only)

​Unlimited Play for only $15 between the hours below:

Friday - 5p until 11p+

Saturday - 5p until 11p+

Sunday - 12p - 7p+

Our daily gaming lounge lounge cost is currently only(hours added to your account can be used on multiple days!

$5 an hour,

$15 for 4 hours,

$25 for 8 hours.

Robotics Makeshops will run between 4p - 7p on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday and 12-5p on Saturday.

* All ages 8 and above are welcome to join us.  BYOC - Bring Your Own Console or Computer is allowed!  Bring your own remote controls as well if you like! Call for more details.  Space is limited.  If you have your own game accounts for  your favorite game, please bring your login, password and any other information needed to access your account(parents be prepared to provide your email if used as an access backup.