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eSpace 2

1 hour scheduling minimum. Please allow 15 minutes in between each reservation for cleaning and disinfection. Reservations must be paid immediately and will not be refunded if rescheduled within 24 hours prior to reservation. Our current rate for eSpace reservations is $10 / hour, $25 / 3 hours, $65 / 8 hours. Additional services can be requested.

Call 847-430-3731 for Mentor Reservations and availability

​​Mentors for eLearning

eSpace 1

$20/hour - eSpace rental included

Our Mentors provide eLearning support on site, similar to what "eLearning Tutors" at home do, but in one of our eSpaces instead of in your house!  Our eSpaces are sanitized after every use and our walls provide an even safer space to fit 1 to 2 eLearning students at a time.  For only $20/ hour our Mentors will ensure students stay on task during their school day so parents can be more focused on their usual daily activities, like working from home.  Our Mentors are available between 830am to 3pm.  The cost of our Mentors is per eSpace for a maximum of 2 kids(from the same household) per eSpace.  No additional eSpace cost.

eSpace 3


eSpace 5

We also have Tutors that can assist students with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Studies after school as well.  These are the traditional Tutors that we were used to prior to 2020.  grades 5 thru 12.

eSpace 4

Call 847-430-3731 for Reservations above 1 hour

eSpaces open from 815 a.m. to 8 p.m.  Monday through Saturday 

Starting on November 25, 2020!!  (hours subject to change on most major holidays)  

Reservations must be prepaid and are non refundable unless cancelled within 24 hours prior to reservation time.  Thanks for your understanding and Support!

​$10 / 1 hour,

$25 / 3 hours,

$65 / 8 hours.

eLearning. eSports. eBusiness.

eSpace 6

$40/hour - eSpace rental included

Our team spent this summer creating our first 6 "eSpaces!"  Designed with 8 foot walls and green screens for extra safety and privacy in our effort to help stop the spread of COVID-19.  With limited availability, "eSpaces" must be reserved.  "eSpaces" are fully equipped with gamer chairs, High Speed Internet and PCs, HD Monitors, Web Cams, and plenty of predownloaded games and software.  So if you need your own space Make your reservation now - starting at only $10.00/hour!  For All ages. 

Birthday Parties of a maximum of 6 humans can be accommodated with 6 of our gaming PCs while we continue to construct more eSpace options.